Metal furniture has always been a popular choice for the bedroom because it is durable, cleanable, and stylish. Many rooms feature a metal bedstead, metal drawers, and even metal cushioned chairs. This timeless material is often chosen when designing bedrooms for students because it is so hardwearing and long-lasting even when treated with very little care.

Not all bedroom furniture is designed with the same metal though; it can be made using iron, steel, brass, or aluminium castings. Regardless of which type is used though, all of them are so malleable that they can create a laid back design suitable for a teenage boy or a luxurious bedroom belonging in a luxury manor house.

The finish is usually a lot more durable and scratch-resistant than its painted or wooden equivalents and can enhance the aesthetics of a room as well as providing practical furniture.

At Bennington Furniture we have a wide range of metal shapes and styles available for customers who want to update or redesign their bedrooms. We create metals in the colours shown below. To achieve its attractive finish, a form of powdered paint is electrostatically applied to the treated metal and then baked to ensure a stunning, sustainable beauty that will last for generations.