Buy some outdoor furniture and start dining outside!

Apparently we Britons don’t make enough use of our garden and outdoor spaces, spending only 1 hour per week in them on average! Here at Bennington Furniture we were shocked to hear this, as we love the outdoors! Your garden should be treated as an extension of your home and in the summer months especially you should really try and utilise this space. One of the best ways to do this is to start eating outdoors more!

We think it’s lovely when you get the chance to share a family meal in the garden on a pleasant summers evening, and apparently it has its own health benefits! After a bit of research, we discovered that eating alfresco can be really good for you health. Here’s what we found...

Vitamin D!

Eating outside can make your vitamin D levels go up! Vitamin D is known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ because sunlight hitting the skin begins the process that eventually leads to the creation of the active form of the vitamin in your body. With a number of health benefits coming from vitamin D, you’ll make all the vitamin D your body needs if you get outside a few times a week during the summer days, so go and enjoy the sun!

Improve your mood

Eating outdoors will make you happy! It is believed that light can elevate people’s mood, so eating outdoors may even make you feel happier. We always feel happier when we’re out in the sun, so why not lift your mood a little and enjoy this lovely weather properly!

Help with concentration levels

There have been studies indicate that children with ADHD focus better after spending time outdoors. Although it’s not known for sure that the same effect applies to adults, but it doesn’t seem too wild a theory. So if you’ve been having trouble concentrating at work or in general may be you should try dining alfresco?

These benefits are enough to encourage us o eat outside more, so we hope they’ve had the same effect on you! A high-quality, bespoke set of garden furniture is sure to encourage you to eat outside, and here at Bennington Furniture we create the most beautiful sets! With elegant designs and reinforced finishes, our chairs, benches and tables are welcome additions to any size of garden, perfect for enhancing patio, decking or lawn areas.

Please browse our online range or pop along to our Nottinghamshire based showroom where you will find all of our metal garden furniture showcased. For further information on sizes, metal finishes or cushion upholstery please do not hesitate to contact us, the Bennington team will be more than happy to help.