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Metal Garden Furniture

One of the nicest things to do during the summer is to enjoy a warm evening in the garden. After a day’s sunbathing over the weekend, a day in the office or working from home during the week, it is lovely to sit outside on a warm evening. Even though you can only invite a few friends or family over for a barbecue, to do this you will want a pleasant place to sit outside on the patio, so some garden chairs and a table are a must.

At Bennington we specialise in designing beautiful metal furniture for your garden. The process of making it begins by crafting the metal into shape. The metal is treated before an attractive finish is added using a type of paint “powder” which is electrostatically applied. After this, the furniture is baked so that it looks beautiful and is highly resilient to weather. Our garden furniture can be made in a number of colours including pewter, silver, anthracite, or stone which means that we can supply whatever you are looking for.

There is no better time to invest in british made metal furniture. Bennington Metal Furniture will stand the test of time, and will become a treasured lasting feature in your garden. If you would like to find more information about garden furniture, and explore what type of garden furniture suits your garden, please call us on 01400 281280