Setting the tone for Christmas entertaining

There are always the Christmas staples considered by homeowners in advance of the festive season, used to make homes feel warmer, merrier and more inviting when entertaining friends, family and children; decorations, food and music are often thought of first, but as Christmas draws closer have you thought about how your home will make room for and seat your guests?

Provide a comfortable arrangement whereby your guests can move around your home freely and socialise between one space to another, while using your themes and colour schemes incorporated with your chosen furniture to unify and differentiate between different areas of your home, such as the living room and dining room.

Facilitating conversation at Christmas gatherings is also important as it is likely you will have friends and relatives who won’t have seen each other for some time and will want to not only exchange gifts but catch up and make up for lost time as well.

Consider moving dining chairs into the living room prior to dinner to help form flexible conversation groups around a coffee table, which is helpful when guests want to set down drinks or enjoy nibbles as it can sometimes be impossible to enjoy both at the same time, and also allows for a little bit of over indulgence too.

An oval dining table for your guests to enjoy Christmas dinner around opens up a room to socialising, pulling crackers and making toasts, particularly with a glass top, on Christmas day and instantly adds warmth and comfort to your dining occasions.

Consider placing candles or fairy lights as a centrepiece to make decorations stand out and create a cheerier and more celebratory vibe.

With our ranges of metal furniture at Bennington Metal Furniture which provide comfort and space saving designs you are investing in robust, hardwearing and easily maintained designs which can be tailored to your specific design requests.

Choose from various upholstery types and metal finishes complimenting your home and providing an investment for many Christmases to come.

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